About Us

Hi there!  I’m Sam.

A multi-passionate, unschooling mama of 3. Violet 7yrs, Lynk 5yrs and Asher 2yrs. I’m also wife to the most wonderful, open-minded, bike-loving man ever, a student of complementary medicine, a Success Coach and an all ’round, fun lovin’ girl.

This site is where I share information about our life in general, mostly how we live without school.

Here are some of the things you will see me write about here:

  • Unschooling and how we roll in our life without school
  • Respectful parenting- how we continue our journey to parent without punishment or rewards, creating a family life where everyone is fulfilled and connected (including Hubby and I).
  • Reducing the chemicals in our home, body products and environment.
  • Our journey to reduce waste.
  • Our journey to reduce the ‘stuff’ in our lives both physical and mental clutter.
  • Our journey to create a more simple life that means we can focus on what is fulfilling and important to us.
  • Some food- I’m not a passionate cook, but I do cook for health, to help reduce waste and to reduce the chemicals we are putting into our bodies.  My food is SIMPLE because I’m not a big cooking fan and it’s generally UGLY.  But I will share it here anyway. 😆

Some other things you might like to know about me:

  • I love Harry Potter
  • Music is a big part of our lives and puts me in my happy place, I like to share that joy with the world by sharing the songs in my playlists as I’m listening.
  • We LOVE books, I share ours regularly!
  • I sware a bit
  • I am not the worlds best speller, thank goodness for spell check and grammerly they catch most of them, but I hope you can make peace with any that get through.
  • Some of the topics I write about are controversial. I’ve decided it’s important to write about them anyway.  If you feel triggered by them I invite you to process that away from this page and if it’s really not your style, stop following along.