The Books Under our Christmas Tree 2018

I love books.  In an effort to own less stuff, books are my Achilles heel.  I LOVE THEM.  How they feel, how they smell, how they look, there really is nothing like a beautiful book. (see what I did there, I rhyme! 😆 )  My youngest children, love them too.  My oldest is a closet book lover.  She often says she doesn’t like to read, but as soon as I start reading she is the first one over to listen. 😁  So books are always high on our list of presents.

We tend to give books as ‘shared’ presents as we all get love and enjoyment out of them.  Here are the books under our Christmas tree this year. I’m sure they will be well recieved.


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I loved this book so much I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give it to them. 😂  When it arrived I was so excited to see some of the beautiful birds we’d been recently talking about after our visit to the zoo, I decided we needed to read it immediately. I knew that they would just LOVE to read about our latest discussion point and I was totally right. 😁

Miss 7 and Miss 2 were particularly excited to read about the Cassowary (Miss 2) and the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (miss 7) after we saw both at the zoo with a marvelous display from a sulphur crested cockatoo throwing toys out of a toy box in the zoo shop.

It is beautifully illustrated with artwork also by Matt Churn and has a short, factual, easy to read page on each bird.  All of our Aussie feathered friends are included, think emu, cassowary, cockatoo just to name a few and of course the Kookaburra.


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After purchasing “Nature Anatomy” (Amazon | Book Depository) and “Farm Anatomy” ( Amazon | Book Depository) and falling in love with there beautiful illustrations and wealth of knowledge it seemed only right to purchase Julia’s third book “Food Anatomy”.  We LOVE food and have lots of conversations about how it can enhance our lives and bodies so this book will be well loved I’m sure!

Julia displays an amazing history of food and covers things like street eats around the world, how people around the globe enjoy deep fried potato and countless interesting and little-known facts about the food we eat. Simple, funny and complete eye candy!


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So we found this little gem in a cafe where we often enjoy a coffee or the occasional breakfast.  Each time we go they RUN to the play area to grab “Peekaboo Poo” and I get the pleasure of reading it over breakfast in front of the other smiling (or sometimes frowning in disapproval) customers. 😆

Pretty much about a little boy named Alphie who rebels against toilet training by pooing in the most random places- like in a pan in the kitchen, or in his sister’s shower cap.  Sounds gross…..that’s because it is. 😂  I thought a little about it before I purchased, would it be better to enjoy this book only at the cafe?  Is it sending the wrong message? etc But then I decided to pull the stick out of my butt and remembered, poos are funny. So I decided to follow the path of FUN and by the book for Christmas.  I know it will be very well received. 😊


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Now this is one of those presents that I know they will look at on Christmas day and it won’t get a cheer of excitement, but they will totally love it when we start reading it.  As a kid, I loved poetry a lot, I liked to write it mostly, but I have been diving back into it a bit lately and the kids get to share in my exploration because ‘unschooling family’ 😁 We all get to exposed to and share in each other’s interests.

We bought several books with great, easy to read and understand poems. Our current favorites are “Falling Up” by Shell Silverstein (Amazon | Book Depository) and “The Waldorf book of Animal Poetry” ( Amazon | Book Depository ).  We have fallen in to the habit of reading them over morning tea or afternoon tea as they are short and easy to digest over snacks and we can read as many or as little as we like.

We bought another “A poem for every day of the year” book, but I found it difficult to read and a bit to advanced for the kids so I’m looking forward to this beautiful replacement, with poetic delights from Emily Bronte, Emily Dickinson, Carol Ann Duffy, Eleanor Farjeon, Robert Frost and Thomas Hardy just to name a few.

It’s kind of a family present really because I will get just as much enjoyment out of it as I know the kids will.


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Written by Nicola Edwards, this book reads like a song! Such a beautiful journey encouraging exploration of emotions and mindfulness in the moment. This has been on our list for a while and I’m looking forward to reading it before bed on Christmas night.  I think my son will appreciate it most of all. 🙂

That’s about it for our Christmas book stash.  Believe me I had to hold back from buying ‘all the books’, save some for birthdays next year. 😁



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