When children are given the freedom to learn

Halloween 2016
And just like that……Halloween becomes BIOLOGY. With many questions this morning about what is growing on our pumpkin. Discussions on decomposition, microbes, molds and fungus unraveled like a mummy’s bandages. (see what I did there 😆 )

Funnily enough, Violet had recently watched an episode of the magic school bus, that included information about mold and microbes. Interesting how things come together in life isn’t it……..so much learning from allowing things to BE and letting questions come naturally.

Our children are born with an innate, intrinsically motivated desire to learn about themselves and the environment. When we allow them to participate actively in life and provide opportunities to explore, discover and play, learning takes care of itself.  Learning unfolds naturally.  When children, actually when people, are free to follow their interests and curiosities, engagement is never an issue and when we allow children to learn in their own unique way, for as long as they like they LOVE to learn.

This desire is not nurtured in a school environment, where they must conform to specific topics, move on to different topics before they are done unraveling a particular area of interest, be “taught” in a particular style that is very limited and restricted and has little freedom to explore the world as they are called to as an individual person.

Their learning becomes externally motivated- to pass a test or get a pat on the back from a teacher- or- they lose self-esteem and label themselves as stupid, unintelligent and feel isolated in many cases.

When our children are allowed to learn what they desire, they are self-motivated and dive in deeper in ways that are most effective for them as individuals- learning is effective, retained and most importantly LOVED!

All this from a jack-o-lantern ?!


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