Socialization without school

Here’s what it’s like getting “socialized” without school

……it looks like real life.

The children and the adults intentionally make friends and hang out with people they like as much as they want, whenever they want.

Just like real life.

The children and adults build relationships with people of all different ages.

Children and adults within families learn to compromise and be considerate of other family members so that ALL of them (parents and children) can build friendships with others.

Children are able to observe parents and adults making friends, navigating relationships, problem-solving and forming community.

Children are free to explore, play, imagine, run, climb, get wet, whatever, with children of all different ages in groups or one on one- whatever they like.

Children always have the support of loving, like-minded adults nearby. (No, not like helicopter parenting.)

So that’s it in a nutshell. Socialization without school……just real life. ❤️

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