Birth Affirmations

So at just over 35 weeks, the birth of baby A is rapidly approaching.  I’ve really been feeling in to my birth over the last week or so and though I have a lot of beautiful affirmations from my hypnobirthing course, I also wanted to create some that really resonated with me, personally.  I want to make them available for all of the mamma’s out there who feel called to use, some or all of them.  My plan is to print them out and stick them around my home for labouring and also to take to the hospital.

I have visions of laminating them, and passing them on to other birthing mammas and potentially getting them back when I need them, kind of like a ‘sisterhood of the travelling pants’ kind of deal………but you know…..with affirmation cards. ?  Sisterhood of the travelling affirmation cards doesn’t sound as good now does it.  But any way, we shall see.  I can’t promise I’ll get the laminator out before the time comes. LOL.

As I create them, I will add them to the page.  They will also be on my instagram account (you can follow me on instagram here >>> YourFreestyleLife).

I surrender completely, and trust my body to birth my baby.

Birth Affirmation #2

birth affirmation #3

Birth Affirmation #4

Birth affirmations #5

Birth Affirmation #6

Birth affirmation #7

Birth affirmation #9

birth affirmation #10


birth affirmation #13

birth affirmation #14


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